Introducing the Interop NOC

Gigamon is very excited to once again be one of the InteropNet NOC sponsors for 2011. Gigamon is the InteropNet sponsor for monitoring and management for both the Las Vegas and New York shows for 2011.  

A lot of people ask how a company is chosen to become a sponsor?  In short companies that supply either hardware or software in any of the different sponsor categories must submit a proposal to the decision makers at UBM who host the Interop show.  This proposal must provide an overview of your product and how the said product can benefit the show network.  After all the proposals are reviewed, UBM choses the sponsors they feel technically and logistically will be the best fit.  This seems straight-forward, but the process is very competitive as companies vie for this lucrative sponsorship.  

The next questions that people inevitably ask is what is the Interop NOC and what are the benefits for companies that participate in the NOC? The Interop NOC is the worlds largest temporary network that provides access and services to Interop exhibitors and attendees during the Interop Las Vegas and New York trade shows.  Because of the high visibility of the network, as soon as the network goes live, the network becomes a magnet for hackers or other computer saavy individuals that want nothing more than to disrupt the show for exhibitors and attendees alike.  This is why UBM goes through this process to ensure that the best and brightest companies help build and support this high visibility network.  The network is not only to deliver services but to also provide education to attendees as they can take NOC tours that show some of the “best practices” that Network Architects and Engineers can use when building or modifying their enterprise network.  The benefit to the sponsors is that they can learn how their products interoperate with other vendors and showcase their products in a live network environment. The sponsors also get many marketing co-branding opportunities to raise brand awareness for sponsor companies and their products.  

For this show Gigamon will be providing “inside” information into how the Interop NOC comes together.  We encourage you to visit our blog for periodic updates and postings for “A Day in the Life of the NOC”.  Gigamon will also have many educational opportunities for attendees at the show.  Gigamon will be posting more information in the coming weeks leading up to the first stop in Las Vegas during the week of May 9th.

–John Mattes, Technical Marketing Engineer, Gigamon

To view all the other companies that participate in the Interop NOC please visit

We encourage Interop attendees to visit Gigamon at the NOC and at Booth 1021 in Las Vegas

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