Hello Vegas!! InteropNet NOC is Being Assembled

By: John Mattes


Today is the first official day in Las Vegas when the NOC team starts to reassemble the InteropNet NOC.  The first day is usually mindless grunt work as we roll PED’s (Pedestals or Racks) to the appropriate locations on the show floor and bring up power and reconnecting the NOC network hardware.  This year is more special than others as this is this 25th Anniversary of Interop.  I am proud to say this is my seventh year working on the InteropNet NOC team with three different companies. What is great about the Interop atmosphere is that everyone from many companies (some even competititors) work together toward a common goal which is to provide a best-of-breed showcase networks for thousands of attendees to use and learn about.

Beyond moving racks/PED’s and connecting cables my main to do item today is to swap out four G-TAP modules from 62.5 micron fiber to 50 micron fiber.  This is a very quick exercise, but I just have to wait for the right window to swap out these components.


Day 1 of the NOC


One of the things I am doing today is swapping a 62.5 micron fiber tap for 50 micron versions.  50 micron is becoming more prevalent in network data centers that are migrating to 10G as 50 micron cabling helps extend the distance between network devices.  At the Hot Stage I did not have 50 micron taps available so as a place holder I used 62.5 fiber taps.  It is not recommended to mix and match fiber taps with cabling type as you will experience attentuation of your signal and can possibly create error data.  Because we were staging I did this as a stop gap measure, but I would never do this practice in a production network.


To view all the other companies that participate in the Interop NOC please visit http://www.interop.com/lasvegas/it-expo/interopnet/sponsors.php

We encourage Interop attendees to visit Gigamon at the NOC and at Booth 1021 in Las Vegas

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