Interop NOC Show Network Overview

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By: John Mattes

Creating Spy Net consisted of 31 TAP’s and connecting five GigaVUE-2404 units in a star configuration.  The star configuration worked great because there is no more than one hop for data to go across when setting up Flow Mapping® configurations from the master GigaVUE-2404 unit. The current stack bandwidth between the units is 10 GB up and down.  The bandwidth could have easily been reconfigured to 80 GB up and down if it were necessary.  Because of the layout of the show network we knew that 10 GB would be more than enough. The TAP connections are designated by the TAP connection point. By creating this monitoring network, network engineers in the InteropNet NOC can take data from any critical link within the show network and redirect specific data to specific tools.


In the InteropNet NOC there are several tools that will get data from Spy Net.  These vendors include NetScout, JDSU, Fluke Networks, and Cisco.  We have engineers that are even using Wireshark for spot analysis of issues that arise during the show.

Please stay tuned as I talk about some concepts more in depth such a GigaSTREAM and Flow Mapping in later posts.

To view all the other companies that participate in the Interop NOC please visit

We encourage Interop attendees to visit Gigamon at the NOC and at Booth 1021 in Las Vegas

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