Knocking Stuff Out Before Fight Night

By: John Mattes

Tommorow is fight night in Vegas and for those that don’t know the casino’s will be electrified with excitement before, during, and after the boxing match.  To mark the occasion, the Gigamon team at Vegas did a KO of our own.  James Bettencourt and myself worked together to get the booth for the most part setup minus the Rack Mounting of Gigamon’s new product that was announced on Tuesday, the GigaVUE-HD8.  This product is going to be a game changer as networks migrate from 10 Gigabit and Beyond.  The buzz around the GigaVUE-HD8 is at a frenzied pace.  Network Computing wrote an article regarding this revolutionary product today.  Please see link below.

Below are pictures of our booth:


This is going to be an exciting show for Gigamon and I encourage anyone in Las Vegas for Interop to come visit us at Both 1021 to check out the GigaVUE-HD8 and chat with the Gigamonsters.

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