Its Showtime!!!

By: John Mattes

Today is the first day of the InteropNet Expo.  The InteropNet NOC is humming along with no major or critical issues.  All the sponsors and team leads for the InteropNet NOC team has been top notch throught this whole event.


Our beautiful orange boxes in the NOC

Today is going to be a full day.  There are a couple of activities today:

-NOC Tours (11am,1pm,3pm)- Guided tours for attendees to learn about NOC

-Monitoring and Metering Class (Booth 2075, 12:15pm) – InteropNet NOC sponsors will talk about monitoring the NOC.  I will speak on behalf of Gigamon at this time.

-Booth Presentations (Booth1021, Starting at 10:20 and running ever 20 minutes) – Stop by and visit our booth to come see the GigaVUE-HD8 and listen to an exciting presentation form our very own Andy Saks. If you attend you will be entered for a drawing for a Mac Book Air.  Every day we will draw for a Mac Book Air and we will be giving away limited edition T-Shirts each day.

-If you want a personal tour of NOC send me E-mail at and I can give you a bird’s eye view of the NOC

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