Gigamon | Cisco Live London 2012

The network continues to accelerate. Where one 1Gb was sufficient, 10Gb is now required, which means that where 10Gb was appropriate, 40Gb or 100Gb is demanded. Are we fast approaching a 1Tb Ethernet connection? Possibly, but with the recent demonstration by Cisco of 40Gb and 100Gb interfaces on their Nexus product at the CiscoLive event in London, it’s clear that we enter a new phase of performance for the Ethernet world.

We were a Gold sponsor of the event this year (we also sponsor other CiscoLive events in Vegas and Acapulco) as they represent a great opportunity to engage with Cisco networkers who are on the front line of the network world. They are enabling and enhancing infrastructure to support increasing volumes of network traffic that is accessed from work, home, or on the move with mobile devices. We also took this opportunity to sponsor the backpacks (or “rucksacks” in Queen’s English) that were received by all attendees of the event. Seeing our logo around the ICC ExCel center, on public transport and even across Heathrow over the following weekend, is one more affirmation that Gigamon is undeniably an enduring fixture within the Cisco user and partner community.

During our trip to Cisco Live, we not only got the chance to meet with Cisco users, but we were also able to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones with technology partners and top IT solution providers and resellers. With these relationships, Gigamon and our partners are able to continuously enhance the development and delivery of our offerings to customers.

We used the show as a launch venue for two new products that continue to demonstrate our market leadership. The GigaVUE-TA1 (where “TA” stands for Traffic Aggregator) is purpose-built to aggregate traffic from low-utilization 10Gb links into higher utilization 10Gb or 40Gb “gateway” connections into our Visibility Fabric. We also announced the GigaPORT-Q02X32, a further addition to our portfolio of H Series line-cards, that offer a full 320Gb of connectivity in a single chassis slot through 24 ports of 10Gb and 2 ports of 40Gb. The launch of these two new products combine to create a powerful aggregation solution delivering 40G connectivity in preparation for the next upgrade cycle and higher-speed monitoring tools.

See you at RSA in San Francisco or Mobile World Congress in late February!



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