Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona

Eight halls. 65,000 attendees. Water cannons. Android everywhere. Apple not there.   

That about sums up MWC 2012 in Barcelona. It’s a huge event with hundreds of exhibitors spread over the eight halls located at Fira Montjuic in the heart of Barcelona. The 65,000 attendees is clear proof that the mobile market is where a lot of organizations are investing dollars ­ from engineering to architecture, and from applications to services. It is also clear that this market is in a state of major and rapid evolution as global demands for mobility span both the professional and personal aspects of our lives.


We’ve been serving this market around the globes since inception of the company and­ in fact some of the first customers of Gigamon were Service Providers. We decided that it was time to have a clear presence at this notable event and hence we had a booth in hall A of the event. We were highlighting solutions to help Service Providers address three major aspects of their infrastructure: 

  • the scalability and manageability in the world of 4G data
  • monitoring and maintaining the voice service quality in both 3G and 4G worlds
  • the drive to virtualize the back end provisioning and billing environments.


Combine those core monitoring and management needs with the need to create new and compelling application-based service offerings in the near future, mobile service providers were looking for new, innovative and valuable approaches, hence the interest in the Gigamon show presence.

Android devices were everywhere as was a large development presence to drive more applications and solutions onto their platform. At the same time, Apple product was everywhere, but the organization wasn’t present. However, that¹s a well discussed topic, so no need to dwell on it here.



And, the water cannons. They were outside the event when the local students decided to grab the opportunity to protest and gain additional attention during MWC. Their demonstration resulted in minimal disruption at the event, and represented a good excuse to grab a drink at one of the street side cafés while the traffic died down that evening.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Asia Mobile World Congress in June in Shanghai.

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