Big Data and Intelligent Visibility: Just Give Me the Information That’s Important to Me

by: Paul Hooper, Gigamon CEO
Thirty-one thousand text messages in one month. One can only describe that as startling. Coming from the generation that preceded the texting-era, this seems like an incredible volume of communications that my two daughters managed to accomplish between them in a 30 day period. Downloading the full detail records from the service provider resulted in 96 pages of mobile numbers that really provided little value or context to understand how or why they achieved this milestone. As a father, all I really wanted was a list of any text messages that originated or were destined for a mobile device owned by a boy that contained the word “love” in the message.   
Ironically, this small and personal example represents one of the larger challenges facing businesses today. The volume of information that is created and required by most Enterprises is spiraling ahead of any expectations that we may have had in the years gone by. With end-user devices continuing to increase in capacity, with enterprise networks accelerating up the performance curve, and with the rapid growth in the reach and raw-speed of the mobile communications infrastructure, businesses, employees and in my case, family members, have an ever increasing demand and ability to consume and share information. 
With this scale and growth in the demand for information, the ability to identify the material details from the immaterial represents one of the hallmarks of an agile business. As the volume of reports, information and detail around and within the business grows, the smart money is on the organization that can leverage their ability to identity the material details within a mountain of data to enable faster reaction to changes within their own four-walls or the larger market, and also to recognize how to monetize new opportunities or inflections that are recognized within the broader market. 
And so, as information continues to scale in volume and performance, visibility into the information needs to become increasingly smarter and more intelligent. With applied intelligence into how the organization looks at information, the more responsive, more capable and potentially, more successful the organization will become. We have seen this proven out many times in the world around us and in many ways we see it within our personal lives. Watching live TV through channel-surfing is a bygone of a previous era; today we specifically identify and select what we believe is relevant and focus our few entertainment ours on the programs that are most relevant to our watching requires. Although some strides have been made within the residential market, intelligent visibility into the information, traffic and data is an aspirational vision for many organizations. 
We live in exciting times. We live in a very connected, and very communication-orientated world. The accelerating growth curve ahead for information creation and dissemination is clear. The need for intelligent visibility into that information has never been more obvious.

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