SC14: Gigamon and High Performance Computing

By: Perry Romano, Director of Business Development – Service Providers PerryRomano

Glad to be part of Supercomputing 2014 where over 10,000 people attended and happy to participate in SCinet for the fifth year, which hosted more than 1.8 Terabits of bandwidth. With high performance computing becoming more and more important to society every day, the ability to effectively secure, monitor and manage that infrastructure is critical.  You can’t secure, monitor or manage what you can’t see! Gigamon was ecstatic to provide reliable, Active Visibility to both the high speed links and to specific traffic, simultaneously feeding all of the security and network monitoring tools that were present at the show. We also got the chance to speak with Trilogy Tech Talk about how Gigamon can help solve many of the challenges that come with high performance computing. We look forward to coming back next year!

For more information about Active Visibility and high performance computing, watch our video from the show floor.

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